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Your Second Skin


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Competition JumpPant


Pant designed for women looking to enjoy equestrian sports with elegance and total freedom of movement.

Like a second skin, the Competition JumpPant brings you unrivalled comfort, ease of movement and complete agility for improved comfort and performance.

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Thanks to an innovative design, the Competition JumpPant eliminates the types of irritation often associated with traditional riding pant, enabling better breathing and concentration during the contest.

  • Eliminates irritation, overheating and constriction at the abdomen, calf and ankle
  • Provides protection as well as safety

Style & Practicality:
Its simple, flowing cut fits your body shape perfectly and sculpts the figure. Its design provides total freedom of movement!

  • 360° stretch (extending up to two sizes larger) and durability
  • Extremely soft to the touch
  • Flattering compression and balanced elasticity to support and shape the figure
  • Total freedom of movement (without feeling constricted or strangled), and extremely comfortable


  • Lightweight and hardwearing (tear-resistant fabric)
  • Advanced moisture management (perspiration and body odor are clear out)
  • Protection from chafing and UV rays for maximum safety
  • Excellent colorfastness (when adhering to the care advice) and quick drying

360° stretch technical fabric
73% polyamide and 27% elastane

Designed and created in France
Made in Portugal

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