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Terms and Conditions of Use

As TERRE DE JUMPING cares about the rights of individuals, particularly with regard to automated data processing, and wishes to be transparent with its customers, it has established a policy that covers all data processing, the purpose of doing so and the actions available to individuals so that they can best exercise their rights. For any further information regarding data protection, we invite you to go to this website:

If you continue to browse this website you are accepting the following provisions and terms of use without reservations. The version of these terms and conditions that is currently online is the only one that is binding for the duration of use of the website and until it is replaced by a new version.

Website access

Access to and use of the website are strictly for personal use only. You undertake not to use this site and the information or data contained therein for commercial, political, or advertising purposes or for any form of commercial solicitation, including for sending unsolicited emails.

Website content and intellectual property

Any brands, photographs, text, comments, illustrations, animated or non-animated images, video sequences, sound, as well as any computer applications that may be used to operate this website, and more generally all the elements reproduced or used on this site are protected by the intellectual property laws currently in force.

They are completely and entirely the property of the Publisher or its partners. Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form, of all or part of these elements, the above list being non-exhaustive, is strictly forbidden and amounts to counterfeiting. If the Publisher does not initiate legal proceedings as soon as it is aware of non-authorized use, this does not imply acceptance of that use or a waiver of the right to initiate proceedings.

Website management

In order to properly manage the site, the Publisher may at any time:

  • Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site, or reserve access to the site to certain parties to the site or to a specific category of Internet users.
  • Delete any information that could disrupt the operation of the website or violate national or international laws.
  • Suspend the site in order to carry out updates.


The Publisher may not be held liable in the event of a fault, a breakdown, a difficulty or an interruption in operation that prevents access to the site or to one of its functions.

You are entirely liable for the hardware that you use to connect to the website. You must take all the appropriate measures to protect your hardware and your own data, in particular against virus attacks via the Internet. You are also solely liable regarding the websites and data that you look at.

The Publisher may not be held liable in the event of legal proceedings being brought against you as a result of failure by you to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use. In the same way, the Publisher may not be held liable for any harm caused to you, third parties and/or your equipment as a result of your connecting to or using the site.

The web-user expressly accepts that they are using this site at their own risk and under their sole liability. The site supplies the user with information as an indication, with the imperfections, errors, omissions, inaccuracies and other ambivalences that may exist.

The photographs and visuals of the products presented on the site have no contractual nature whatsoever, therefore TERRE DE JUMPING may not be held liable if the characteristics of the products differ from the visuals on the site or if they are erroneous or incomplete.

Hypertext links

It is strictly forbidden for users to establish hypertext links to all or part of the website without the prior written authorization of the Publisher. 

The Publisher is free to refuse to give this authorization without being required to justify its decision in any way. If the Publisher gives its authorization, it is in any case only temporary, and may be withdrawn at any time, with no requirement for the Publisher to give any justification.

Any information that is accessible via a link to other websites is not published by the Publisher. The Publisher does not have any rights over the content present in that link.

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions for Use of the Website are governed by French law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the location of the Publisher’s registered office, without prejudice to any specific attribution of jurisdiction arising from a particular law or regulation.

If you have any questions or require any information regarding the products offered on this site, or concerning the website itself, you may send us a message at the following address: